Overseas warehouse and order management solutions

We provide products that integrate warehousing and orders, and can provide customized solutions for different types of sellers, allowing you to free up more time to spend on more valuable things such as products and marketing.

  • Customized service

    Thanks to years of experience and technology accumulation in warehousing, we can provide different users with highly free customized services. Such as invoicing management, customer management, logistics management, etc., we can customize services according to your needs. In addition, we will share our experience and suggestions to help you in the problems encountered in your business process. The global market is getting bigger and bigger.

  • Orders import and warehouse management

    We provide a variety of order import forms such as forms, APIs, etc., to facilitate timely update of warehousing order information. In addition, it provides display and basic analysis of order and inventory related data. In addition, we will have professionals to provide you with commodity labeling, pickup, warehousing, inventory management, sorting and guarantee services.